10th COA Interregional Sportsfest for Luzon: Region 2 snatches crown from CAR, Region 1 bags 2nd Runner-Up

The 10th COA Interregional Sportsfest for Luzon was hosted for the first time by Region 2 in Ilagan City, Isabela last March 2-6, 2020.

COA Region 1, led by Regional Director (RD) Michael Bacani and OIC-Asst. RD Cecilia G. Ancheta  inspired  the 99 delegates.  The sweat, coupled with the untiring, roaring and defeaning cheers, garned for Region I  nine remarkable and priceless medals: one gold, one silver and seven  bronze. From the 7th place for two consecutive years among seven regions in Luzon, to landing in the 3rd spot (2nd Runner-up), was really a much-deserved  feat. 

RD Bacani joyfully carried the 2nd Runner-Up trophy together with OIC- Asst. RD Ancheta, who received the P30,000.00 cash prize during the awarding ceremony last March 5, 2020. The platform, without doubt, carried  two people full of joy. 

Truly, Region 1 did not only win the battle but ended victorious as well. 

It is then with highest regard to recognize the true victors behind this battle:

Still in awe, ATL Rainier bit his championship trophy to put himself not into dreaming. He never missed to take home a medal yearly and this time,  his 1st ever Gold Medal in Lawn Tennis.

Never be deceived by Silver Medalist Dina Fe’s sweet and charming looks as she  won’t give those impressions inside the badminton court.

The duo just proved that together they can succeed. Wycliffe  and Lucelle  got their Bronze Medals in Table Tennis Mixed Doubles.


The number three was then the lucky number for the Basketball Men who won three out of three games on third day of the Sportsfest  last March 3. Their exciting games showcased the   unstoppable 3-point shots of Arjay and Jemar. Inspired with the promise of  Ma’am Cecil’s “lechon baboy ”, the team brought home the  Bronze Medal. In photo (from left to right, top to bottom): Royd, Marlon, Jemar, Atty. Mcdo, Jason, Jake, Tonton, Jerome Arjay, Jerrymae, RJ, Team Manager Ronald and Aldrin. 
With the camaraderie of  the team, these men retained their 3rd spot in the Volleyball Men competition. In photo (from left to right, top to bottom): Atty. Fau, Alfred, Edward, Alvin, Syrel, Atty. Jeriel, Anton, Ramon, COA RO III RD Lynn Sicangco, Resty, SA Alma (Team Manager), Aristotle, Gilbert and Assistant Commissioner Joseph Anacay


ATL Izzy, then champion in table tennis in his childhood years,  consistently showed his prowess, taking home countless medals during COA Sportsfests. He still managed to be in the number 3 platform despite having opponents of new young breeds.

ATL Zosimo’s can’t just hide his keen eyes as he looked at a far distant while in the platform wearing his Bronze Medal he won for Darts.

With less preparation due to late announcement of inclusion of billiards event, Florbe just got herself confident as she still managed to win the Bronze Medal.

Chess has been known as game for men with brilliant minds. No doubt that it was not an easy journey knowing that COAns play this game well. Bronze medalist Jenalyn just showed that she was not an easy opponent.



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