In line with the COA Administration Sector Memorandum No. 2020-012 dated August 18, 2020, the use of the COA CheckPass will be implemented in the Regional Office (RO1) and the Provincial Satellite Auditing Offices (PSAO) effective October 1, 2020. Thus, COA officials, employees, job orders, contract of service personnel and all others entering the COA premises are advised to download the COA CheckPass application at Google Play or App Store.


The Application requires a one-time entry of personal information and an update of health information for every instance of reporting to COA. Aside from the usual temperature checking, all employees/visitors entering COA RO1 and PSAO premises will be required a COA CheckPass code. For those with internet connections, the employee/visitor will be required to scan the designated QR code at he entrance gate with the result presented to the guard-on-duty prior to entry. For those with no internet connection, the guard-on-duty will scan the QR Code of the employee/visitor. Those with no CheckPass will be required to accomplish the usual pen and paper COA health symptom questionnaire for submission to the guard-on-duty prior to entering the COA premises.




RD Chito C. Janaban together with ARD Joycelyn R. Ramos, OIC-SC(ATFS)  and ITO Staff  scanned the QR code at COA Region Office 1


  Audit Team Leader Edna Ablog scanning the QR Code


SA at PSAO - La Union scanning the QR code


SA  Rosa Marietta Escaño scanning the QR Code



ITO Team Monitoring the entries of COA CheckPass 



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